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Mancetter Marina to Twyford Wharf and the half way point reached

Sorry for the very late update from me, blame the tired arms!

After being waved off from Mancetter Marina on Day 5 we headed off towards Hawkesbury junction. We passed a couple of boaters asking if we enjoyed our night there!

After Hawkesbury when we changed canals to the Oxford we headed towards the Barley Mow inn just outside Rugby. We had a warm welcome as we came out of the tunnel by lots of swans and boaters.

After having a (very welcome) hot shower and fish & chips, we headed to bed for a very long day to follow. The next day we started early for our 32 mile paddle to Cropedey Marina. When we eventually got there, in quite a good time, we were welcomed by some of my family and supporters which was lovely.

After a good nights sleep we got up to paddle to Lower Heyford for the night. On the way I gave a live interview to BBC Oxford radio before setting off then stopping at Twyford wharf to give another interview to the BBC Oxford’s news team. I hope you managed to catch the interviews, I'll try to link to them in a future post.

That take us up to Monday night. We're arriving in Henley later and I'll catch you up on the last few days then. Thank you for all your support, it really does make the paddling much easier!

Please head to our Just Giving page to donate so we can build the memorial commemorating members of the armed services that have committed suicide. The link is at the top of the page. Thank you.


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