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Reflecting on our Manchester to London kayak event: We Raised £4,000 with your support

I’m sorry it’s taken this long to write about our recent fundraising event, but it has been a hectic time returning all the kit and equipment that was kindly loaned to us.

I would like to start by saying thank you to all of those that came out to support us during our journey from Manchester to East London. Without your support this event would have been so much harder. Especially a huge thank you to those that let us stay with you and those that helped us through certain obstacles, such as the long two way tunnels. A huge thank you to those in Stoke Breune that had a great gathering/welcome party raising a lot of donations for us.

The whole event raised a huge amount of awareness, which of course is very much needed. Sadly we didn’t raise as much in donations as we had hoped for. But this will encourage us that we must keep going, to ensure this very important memorial is built for the veterans victims and families its for.

Thank you.


If you'd like to see more photos, head to our Instagram and Facebook pages.

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