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The Thames, Reading Festival and the Henley Regatta...sort of

After moving off from Lower Heyford we headed towards Oxford UOTC on our 8th day. It was great to be on the Thames finally finishing with the canals and seeing more activity from bigger boats. Oxford has also been the 1st city we’ve stopped in.

After Oxford we headed to Goring lock. Mrs Fenton kindly put us up in her field near the lock and brought us freshly picked plums from her garden. This morning we left towards Henley on Thames via The Jolly Anglers in Reading. We had a warm welcome in Reading, also stopping to give an interview to BBC Oxford on the banks of the Reading festival.

We had to climb a tall wall to get to the Jolly Anglers using ropes to get the boats in and out if the water. After lunch we headed to Henley to stay at the Upper Thames rowing club. It’s amazing to kayak through Henley whilst all the Regatta lanes and stands are still up and all the tents for the festival that starts tomorrow.

Tomorrow we start our 11th day towards Windsor, stopping at the Boathouse on Boulters lock for lunch, please come down to lend your support if you are in the area!

We are kayaking to raise funds for a memorial commemorating members of the armed services that have committed suicide. To donate, please follow the link at the top of the page and please do add Gift Aid if you can, it makes a huge difference.


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