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Man down drills: a quick thought during Mental Health Awareness Week

We've all heard the phrases "speak up" "reach out" "Don't suffer in silence". These are easy to say. But often difficult in practice. They raise further questions: "to who?", "how?", "will they get it?".

Serving, and veteran, military should consider a shift in mindset from one of "seeking help" to one of practicing basic "good drills". Any one of us could recite the "man down drills" carried out in the event of wounding or injury on the battlefield and why they exist. Poor mental health is no different. This is an injury, just more complex and to a different muscle.

Your team needs you to call out "man down!" so we can keep you in the team. Your family, brothers and sisters in arms and in the veteran community need you.

Go through the drill, it works. Get in touch with us at the Elysium memorial Foundation, family, NHS and tell us you're man down and help will come. We'll get you out and get you through mucker.



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